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@dailydancerdiet: Definitely missing being surrounded by these…

@dailydancerdiet: Definitely missing being surrounded by these abs 👀 OH and @selenagomez and the rest of #therevivers of course 😘

But seriously your body is your temple, and I truly believe in every way that,

Every person can understand what it feels like to judge themselves in some way, we all do it, and we all do it way, way too much.

Being a dancer for my entire life means having to stare at my body in MINIMAL clothing for my entire life. And having OTHERS stare at my body in MINIMAL clothing for my entire life. There is a constant state of awareness that dancers have on their bodies, and as you can imagine, it can really take a toll on you.
Growing up, I was that annoying girl with a naturally curvy, toned body, regardless of what I ate, and I ate TERRIBLY. Yes I was young, yes I was dancing all day every day. But because I had no physical, and obvious repercussions for what I put into my body, I didn’t care to pay attention or eat better.
It took me getting sick from food overseas on a dance job to truly understand how my body is being affected by what I put in it.
And now here I am, this DDD clean eating enthusiast, working on practicing what I preach every day.
Over 5 years after that incident, I am living proof that YOU can be the change you are looking for. YOU can take control of your life and love yourself from the inside out.
It’s not about weight, it’s not about strength, it’s ABOUT BEAUTY FROM WITHIN. And keeping your organs and insides as beautiful as possible.
YOU ARE THE SOLUTION! Don’t forget that!

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@dailydancerdiet: Definitely missing being surrounded by these…

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