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@dailydancerdiet: One year ago today I auditioned for this tour….

@dailydancerdiet: One year ago today I auditioned for this tour. Crazy how time flies.
The audition process is an incredibly insane, often brutal process that can last anywhere between a 10 minute type cast, (where they cut you immediately based on your looks alone) and 8-10 hours with then a callback, or two, lasting another couple of days.
Hours upon hours of feeling like you are dancing for your life.
In a room full of hundreds of other amazing dancers, you can’t help but think, “How the hell am I going to stand out?”
“How can I get them to want me?”
The mental games that play out over and over are exhausting.

But the truth is, regardless of how bad you want that job, looking for someone else to “accept” you or “choose” you won’t get you anywhere. No job, no person, no possession can fill a void.
Only YOU can create the life you want to live. And life is a process that never ends.
There is success in every high and every low.
The beauty is in the journey.

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@dailydancerdiet: One year ago today I auditioned for this tour….

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