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@elyserobersonla: Last night…. like, what?!?! I know I…

@elyserobersonla: Last night…. like, what?!?! I know I say my life is a movie but seriously, that was insane.

Ok, so reality gram for a moment. Yesterday I was throwing myself a pity party (that no one else was invited to) because I felt like no one cared about my birthday… Yes, I’m aware I’m a baby. Well, when it turned out that my best friends and husband were conspiring for the greatest surprise party, it was a strong reminder not to get so caught up in my feelings and trust that good things are often right around the corner.

To my love @camrobersonn and my sweet girls for conspiring and keeping secrets and loving me enough to make sure I know it…. no words. You are a gift from Jesus and I’m so grateful.. And to my LaLa Land family who came to celebrate this emotional 28-yr-old… I love you all so so much. I’m excited for the best year ever (with hopefully less emotion, but also probably not).

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@elyserobersonla: Last night…. like, what?!?! I know I…

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