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“If your readers think she’s a sweet, sensitive,…

“If your readers think she’s a sweet, sensitive, and
caring person, i guess that’s not a secret. But here’s a great example of that,
which I’ve never spoken about publicly. A friend of mine is a nurse in another
state. A child in the hospital where she worked didn’t have long to live and
absolutely adored Selena. I asked for the child’s name and passed it along,
knowing that the timing of Selena being in the area in the near future wasn’t
likely. She’s also one of the busiest people in the world, and even though i
knew she’s a very caring person, it seemed like a big thing to ask. A short
time later, my friend called to let me know Selena just left the hospital after
spending some time there with her young fan. There was no press involved. In
fact, she didn’t even tell me she was doing it because it wasn’t done for
anyone but that one child.” – 

Jay Asher about Selena.

Source: Selena Gomez Fansite, Cocky Gomez

“If your readers think she’s a sweet, sensitive,…

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