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jovaticworld: « Well , it depends. It’s actually not…


« Well , it depends. It’s actually not necessarily great to wash it all the time because I’ve just never been that way. Marissa [Marino] , who is my hairstylist on the road ,  I’ve known for years, and I feel like with my hair it gets better every day when it’s kind of a little dirty , so I’m one of those people — which I have  to thank my mom and dad for because they have really thick hair. Other that that , I just do the same thing . I’ll use Pantene — The one I have right now is expert intense hydration , which is really nice because everywhere I go has been kind of dry . I don’t do conditioner. I feel like I do maybe every three days I’ll kind of shower — not shower , wash my hair. I shower every day . » 

— Selena when asked, “How much do you really wash your hair on tour 

Source: Selena Gomez at Coachella, Cocky Gomez

jovaticworld: « Well , it depends. It’s actually not…

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