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@kicked2thecurbproductions: My mother-in-law, Shirley, sent me…

@kicked2thecurbproductions: My mother-in-law, Shirley, sent me this card for my 41st birthday after Thirteen aired. It made me cry because it came at a time much needed, when I was focused on S health and running around like a basket case. So, when I read it, I released all the strength I had in me to sob and let it go. I always want everyone to know they matter, yet I never tell myself that. I have collectibles of appreciation tokens and words are always the best!!! We are hanging up stuff around the house and wanted to share before I did! I only watched the first part of Chapelles special, not the stand up, but what he said “they took his livelihood from him for thinking of others, when his life is was good. That’s not how it should be, they should pay people who make our lives better, embrace those people, lift them up. Not take their world from them because if we have one success story it will encourage another person to be brave enough to take another stance to better our world” – for those who saw it, yes that was edited as hell because every other word was a cuss word. He also mentioned a book Pimp from 1967 written by Iceberg Slim. I have read this due to educating myself on sex trafficking, but it isn’t just about him being a pimp. It is play by play on the psychological warfare that pimps/abusers use on their victims to keep them loyal. Ladies, read it, so you can maybe see what is happening before it’s too late!!! @uheroes

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@kicked2thecurbproductions: My mother-in-law, Shirley, sent me…

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