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@kicked2thecurbproductions: The good ole days! @selenagomez got…

@kicked2thecurbproductions: The good ole days! @selenagomez got her first flip cam and recorded everything. I was extremely sick, on DayQuil and we had been at the airport since 6am. 2008.

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@kicked2thecurbproductions: The good ole days! @selenagomez got…

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  • Shaun C Krouse says:

    This was amazing. Selena you and your mom are amazing people. I look up to you two more than you know. Respect is the main thing I give. Im honored to be able to look up to you two. Thanks for helping me feel better in these rough times I am going through. I will always be here to pray and be an honest friend if needed. Thanks for being here. Thanks for being who you are. I will always love you. Hope you have a beautiful evening. Your friend Shaun Coleman Krouse.

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