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More Promo Videos For Hotel Transylvania 2

More Promo Videos For Hotel Transylvania 2

More Promo Videos For Hotel Transylvania 2

More Promo Videos For Hotel Transylvania 2

We found some more promotional videos for “Hotel Transylvania 2” were released this week. It’s less than two weeks until its release in the US.

In these video you can see Selena Gomez talking about her character, about the film and also scenes of the recordings.

About her “Mavis” character:
The Mavis’s sweet, she’s adventurous and it is too bright. She wants to live giving her 100%, she wants environmental star. She is also the daughter of the Father, but is also struggling to be herself. What you see now in the second film, are all the responsibilities of being a woman, a mother. You see that it brings out the best of it. ”

About what happened to “Mavis” after the first film:
I feel like we let Mavis in a positive time she finally got what he wanted, his father supported. And in this film, Mavis will take 125 years, married with one child. It’s a different stage for her, but she still has a sense of Mavis.

About the family:
The Dracula joins everyone, and with the extension of the family, is the Frankenstein or Wolfgang, everyone is together. I think that’s cool and captivating as it wants to include everyone. This is something cultural, in my opinion, because that’s exactly how the paternal side of my family is. Not good when you leave home, usually when parents are hoping their children leave home after 18. It’s almost as if he wanted their children to stay there forever and transmit it to other generations. I think that’s his idea, the intentions are good, and that’s something everyone can relate to.

About the film’s message:
There are several posts in this movie, I think in general we always try to bring families together, but it’s also about dealing with growing pains, leave the nest, learn how to live your life. Denis is a new addition to the family, it is different, but is learning to deal with this difference. We support and love. I think it’s a good lesson in values ​​for everyone to learn. Also, it’s fun.




More Promo Videos For Hotel Transylvania 2

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