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@paulina.selenator: Omg guys #selenators I just met our girl….

@paulina.selenator: Omg guys #selenators I just met our girl. She was so cool. She ran into her car but I started crying and she opened the window and took a picture with me. I still can’t believe it. I gave her my letter and omg #selenagomez guys she took it. @selenagomez I am in shock #amazing #selenator #omg #SelenaGomez
Thank u babe ❤ I WAITED 5 HOURS THE OTHER DAY BUT SHE Didn’t came out. So on my last day in New York I finally got to meet her. And I saw Abel too by the way. #theweeknd Selena if you see this thank you for opening the window and for being you 😭❤ Now I can go back to germany in peace with myself. LOVE U BABE ❤ HOPE U READ THE LETTER @tmarie247 @selenagomez.hahahahha
Sorry for covering my face but I looked like💩 because I was crying so my nose was red and EVERYTHING. Hope u guys u understand that I didn’t want the whole on insta. A view of you didn’t liked that so sorry guys. But I don’t feel good putting myself out there when I feel uncomfortable with it. Hope you can understand. ❤ #selenator

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@paulina.selenator: Omg guys #selenators I just met our girl….

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