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Rob Burnett Chats About Selena In His Interview With Flickreel / The Fundamentals Of Caring Interview


“Selena Gomez is a tremendous example of someone who isn’t resting on her laurels. She could easily do that forever. She’s not satisfied just doing Disney movies, she’s pushing out. She did Spring Breakers and now she’s done this with us. It’s impressive. It keeps you artistically challenged.” 

Were you ever worried about the high profile and potential baggage that comes with someone like Selena? 

Yes. I think that Selena comes with a burden of sorts. From a commercial stand point, it’s amazing to have someone of her profile in your movie, but that’s a double-edged sword because “oh my god, that’s Selena Gomez” and that can take you out of the movie. Her acting has to be that much better because of it. 

 The way she came into the movie was through Aleen Keshishian, who looks after Paul [Rudd] and Selena. She called me up and said she had someone perfect for the part of Dot. I said perfect and asked who it was. Aleen said she wasn’t going to tell me. I know she’s brilliant and great, but I said “Aleen, as the director I’m going to need to know who it is!” She said all she could tell me was that it was someone super-famous who has 12 movie offers on the table but mine was the only one she wanted to do. So we set up the meeting without me knowing who it was. 

I could have probably Googled it, but wanted the full experience of it. So 11 o’clock in the morning I get a knock on the door and it’s Selena Gomez. I instantly hit it off with her. She is so down to earth. It’s funny how we consume these celebrities in a certain way. I had seen her singing on the Letterman show, on the cover of magazines all glammed up, but then there she is in front of you in army pants and a sweater, and you realize she is still a kid. I think she is 22. She looks like one of my daughter’s friends. She came with no entourage and we sat and talked about the film for 2 hours. 

 She was very smart and had a literal attachment to the script. I think there were things that resonated with her about it in her own family life. She could have easily said “I’m not going to audition, you already know who I am.” But she auditioned 3 times. She came down from L.A. 

I just found her lovely to work with. Hard-working and a great collaborator. I think she is just at the start of having her real abilities come out. She does have to work that much harder because of who she is to let you in. I think she does it in the movie relatively quickly through her performance. 

Just on a personal level. I’ve been around a lot of fame through my time working on the Letterman Show, but she has a different level of it. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s a white-hot molten lava of fame. It’s not like anything I’ve been around. This is the real deal. Everyone else is pretending to be famous. And amazingly, she navigates it with a grace and elegance I’ve not seen before. This is what celebrities should aspire to be. I’ve seen people a lot older than her become insane with fame. 

Source: Flickreel

Source: Selena Gomez Revival Tour, Selena Daily

Rob Burnett Chats About Selena In His Interview With Flickreel / The Fundamentals Of Caring Interview

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