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Selena Gomez gives BBC Radio 1 a Phone Interview

Selena Gomez gives BBC Radio 1 a Phone Interview

Selena Gomez gives BBC Radio 1 a Phone Interview

Selena Gomez gives BBC Radio 1 a Phone Interview

Selena had a new interview with BBC Radio 1, where the singer spoke about an excerpt from “Good For You” from her new album. And she talked about 1D singer Zayn Malik who followed her on Twitter, among others things. Check out the audio below:

On “Good For You” and “Revival”: The singer says that the first single was chosen in order to show people the style of your next album, “was for people to realize that I am going in a new direction, which I found something really special and I can not wait to share, “adding that – regarding their new album – was in Mexico that found its title, that all tracks are so rescuers, different, funky, fun and sexy.

About “14 carat”: The speaker said he wanted to ask since the beginning of the interview on “Good For You” singer actually says “farting carrots” instead of “14 carat” and the same answers. Well, would not start with a really sexy voice? And since that’s what you want to hear a girl say “adding that the British accent leads to this confusion.

About her collaboration with A $ AP Rocky. The announcer asks if already knew personally, and the same answers no, but he claims to be a big fan of his new album. The singer says that rather hear the new album from rapper when he chose the first single, so could the number of his cell phone and called him.

About your phonebook: The announcer asks that name kept the number of A $ AP Rocky, and the Selena claims to have saved with your first name only – A $ AP. The announcer goes on to mention that it should have a security code on your phone, to have the contact number of people, and she agree to have and adds “It’s fun because I’m from Texas, so I have the strangest names recorded due to my aunts, type Levada, Bonnie and then Katy Perry [laughs]. ”

On return to the UK briefly: “I have been discovering the strategy and all this for the record, I’ve been so stressed with everything from the next single to how I will present the album. So, the United Kingdom has always been a place where wanted to do something special and this is an opportunity to do. There are some plans in which we will work for sure I’ll be there ”

On your social networks: The singer declares find rather strange the way has so many followers and they substantially increase every day. The announcer asks a council to increase their followers, with the answer: “All I can say is to be authentic (…) I want my fans to know a little of my life, I have to be true”

About Zayn Malik: The announcer asks how it is to be followed by the singer, mentioning that it recently followed on Twitter, to which it responds, “I had no idea that, until someone asked me. I know Zayn, so it is not a strange thing. I do not know those who follow me. “. The speaker demonstrates its desire for the singer to head back,” Follow? I do not know! I do not think the follow! I will do that now! I’m on my phone, I will follow! ”




Selena Gomez gives BBC Radio 1 a Phone Interview

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