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Selena Gomez talks about Hotel Transylvania 2

Selena Gomez talks about Hotel Transylvania 2

Selena Gomez talks about Hotel Transylvania 2

Selena Gomez talks about Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2 is set to be released on September 25th, and Selena taken with Scoop With Raya back in June when she was at the Cancun promotion event.

Interviewer: How much his fans loved Mavis? Have you had feedback on what they thought of it?
Selena: Yes, of course. I think some younger fans know more Mavis than me. There is a fine line about it. My fans support me unconditionally, it is so beautiful, they follow the things I do.

Interviewer: I always thought that dubbing is difficult because you need to make your imagination work a lot. This time, it is an even greater challenge because Mavis is a mother.
Selena: Yes, that was interesting. It was actually easier dub I talking to a child than if it were true, it would be more difficult. It was much easier, even the voice of Denis was great.

Interviewer: He looks so cute.
Selena: Well fluffy.

Interviewer: Are you a fan of vampires? It’s the type who likes traditional as Dracula or the type of Vampire Diaries / Twilight?
Selena: I have to stand by Dracula’s hand, because he is my father. But it’s good because we got something that is usually scary and turn it into something more affectionate. Monsters and humans are very different, but it’s good also know how to deal with each other.

Interviewer: The film also brings a great message about how we should accept all live together. Tell me how we can relate to it?
Selena: Yes. I think that’s the special part of this second film, can bring it. See how Mavis was to see how different her son is, and what it will do for him to accept and understand that it’s okay.

Interviewer: You follow on Instagram makes me crazy, because you are a girl so busy, you have your CD, film, charity, their campaigns. How organized you need to be to continue with it?
Selena: Maybe it should be more organized for Selena. I do not know, I just follow the pace. I have several exciting projects going on, I’m so lucky. I was always focused on doing the best I can. I think this is easy for me because I love my job. I love my fans. I love talking to them. It’s good.

Interviewer: That would be my next question. Social networks allow you to talk directly with their fans. How important it is for you to get the real criticism?
Selena: Very. I follow my fans, I can see directly from their account what they think, what they are fighting, how they are feeling. It’s great to be able to feel connected to them.




Selena Gomez talks about Hotel Transylvania 2

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