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Selena Gomez Talks Pantene to ET

Selena Gomez Talks Pantene to ET

Selena Gomez Talks Pantene to ET

Selena Gomez Talks Pantene to ET

We all know that Selena has been the new face for Pantene but did you know she just made some commercials for them?

Three in fact and she sat down with ET and talked about them and of course HAIR.

Selena says in the video, “A hair that I never want to go back would be the mullet or crimp.”

“The best hair trick I learned, I think my girls will agree, it is the dry shampoo. I think it’s fantastic. ”

“My favorite hair accessory is an elastic scrunchie. I know it’s kind of old school (old style) but it’s really cute when we put the hair up and let some loose threads. It’s cool.”
“My favorite hairstyle (I’ve ever used) would be the current one, it is intermediate between short and long hair. It is beautiful. It’s kind of sophisticated, yet fun and useful. ”

“I actually grew up with my grandmother and my mother, all in the same house with one bathroom. So when I grew up, we had all the same situation where we were very close to what constitutes beauty or just spend some time together. ”

“My biggest capillary mistake … When I was younger and figured out how to use the flat iron, I used to think that just because visually via the hair was stretched out in the back did not have to necessarily be stretched. So throughout my 6th year, I just stretched the front of my hair. That was not really my proudest moment. ”

“To be strong is to be ourselves. My source to be strong is goodness, is the situation where you are, try to make someone smile. ”




Selena Gomez Talks Pantene to ET

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