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Selena Gomez Talks to Saturday Night Online

Selena Gomez at SiriusXM Radio

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez Talks to Saturday Night Online

Selena Gomez called up radio Saturday Night Online for a telephone interview with them. She answered their questions on subjects such as her favorite food dish, her dream date, favorite countries and much more.

Question: What is the most fun part of making an animated film vs. a normal movie?
Selena: It does not take so long. But it’s also fun, it’s really nice and quiet .. you are representing a character and his actions, you have to synchronize with what they say in the animation.
Question: What is your favorite dish to cook?
Selena: I like Lettuce Wraps. I do a good Lettuce Wraps.
Question: What is the album you can not stop listening?
Selena: The new album A $ AP Rocky & the Kehlani.
Question: What is your idea of perfect date?
Selena: I hate meetings, are so strange / awkward. I like just hanging out with people and that organic things from happening. That would be fine.
Question: What are your favorite countries to sing?
Selena: Anywhere in South America are so passionate about everything is so beautiful, they are so committed.
Question: I do not know how they do not block Twitter every week. Your fans in Brazil, they are crazy, they are in the top 3 countries.
Selena: Literally, only Brazil. They are fantastic. I love Brazil.



Selena Gomez Talks to Saturday Night Online

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