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selgomez-news: @itsshanewesley: I finally got to meet ever the…


@itsshanewesley: I finally got to meet ever the talented and gorgeous Selena Gomez! The woman who I grew up with over the past decade! I have loved this woman since the first time I saw her on Disney Channel. She’s been a major influence and role model for me throughout the years. She is one of the most genuine and sweet people you’ll ever meet. What you see on the television when she’s doing interviews isn’t an act, it is really how she is. She has helped me learn to be a fighter through even the hardest parts of life. Selena, thank you for always remaining humble and taking the time to meet every fan you possibly can at any event you perform at. You are truly the best role model for any and all young people out there of the current generation for who you are our Britney Spears. You grew up with Britney as your role model and idol and I’m proud to be a part of the generation who has grown up with Selena Marie Gomez as our role model and idol. Thank you for seeing past the haters and continuing on with your careers even when life throws all it has at you. Sometimes you just have to Kill ‘em With Kindness because this is more than just survival, it’s a Revival! #SelenaGomez #RevivalTour #Cincinnati

Source: Selena Gomez Revival Tour, Selena Daily

selgomez-news: @itsshanewesley: I finally got to meet ever the…

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