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Selena Gomez in October’s Elle Magazine

Selena Gomez in October’s Elle Magazine

Selena Gomez in October's Elle Magazine

Selena Gomez in October's Elle Magazine

Selena Gomez in October’s Elle Magazine

Selena is on the cover of October’s issue of Elle magazine as she amazing in a sexy jumpsuit with a hint of sideboob as she goes for a more adult look.

Inside the magazine she talks about her relationship with Justin Bieber and much more!

“There is this misconception ‘child star’ they do not make their own decisions, they do not have their own identity. More than ever, I want to claim the decisions I made.”

“I’m surrounded by people who want to guide me, and some of them did it and others do not. They push me.”

Paul Rudd commented about Selena for Elle, “She’s great with their breaks, knowing exactly when to say nothing and measuring emotions. It’s not about the pace, but let us see the character thinking. It is intelligence, what she has to spare ”

“There’s a lot of pressure. You have to be sexy, you have to be soft, you have to be cool, you have to be all that. They tell me what to wear, how to behave, what should I speak, as I ought to be. Until recently, that pressure hit me. I had no idea who it was. I listened to opinions of people and tried to change who I was because I thought the others would accept me for that. And I realized that I can not be anything but myself. ”

Selena told Elle to talk to her mother that she would no longer her manager was strange, “It’s like when you go to college. I wanted to make my own decisions. It was time. In every aspect of my life.”

Taylor Swift said about Selena, “Selena is an interesting mix of excitement and curiosity of a child with the aura of a very wise adult who has been through a lot.”

Talking about her weight she said, “I was didn’t even care what ‘they’ or like you said I should be. I do not need to do anything but love myself, take care of my work, fans, family and friends, you have no right to say what one should not do.”

Selena confesses, “People irritate me. I am of Mexican origin. I got that fire in me for sure. ”

The director of Rudderless, Bill Macy said about Selena for Elle, “How many artistic people, you feel things deeply, And she has experience. She is a big star since childhood. And it’s not easy to load it. She carries her wounds visibly. What I mean, for sure, it is that she has a deep soul and know what a loss and also know what is being hurt. It’s all available to it. ”

“I will always support and love him, we grew up together. I think people want to be different. We are too young for that. No one was married. I respect him. And I think he respects me, in a healthy way,” Selena said about Justin for Elle.

When asked if she would come back with Justin Bieber she laughed and shouted “I do not know!”




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