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Selena Gomez Talks to Boomer on 96.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks to Boomer on 96.1 FM

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez in the pool

Selena Gomez Talks to Boomer on 96.1 FM

Selena has done another phone in interview this time she talked to Boomer from 96.1 fm

Here’s what was said:

Selena Gomez!


How are you?

I’m fine and you?

I’m fine now! Thanks for arrange a time to talk to me. Congratulations on single Good For You, you look great!

Thank You! I’m very excited about how it is going, how it’s happening and everything else.

I Love!

Thank You! Yes, it is the first single from my new album and I had several options for the first single, but I thought this would be the perfect way to start this step and I feel that, in my opinion, I feel it will be even better. I hope, at least.

Do you mind if I talk live that these are the 50 Selena Gomez tones in music?

OK no problem. Maybe they can use that term!

Yes! So it is approved. That’s great!

For me, this is a very romantic music, but is not very appealing, you know? Not in your face, it’s more about how sexy a woman can be and how powerful is this feeling.

For sure! And I literally just watched the video the scenes that you made ​​the music video clip. Is it true you recorded it in just 30 minutes?

Yes, it was about 45 minutes. When I got the band, there was only the melody and that was last year. So it kind of went through a transitional phase, but I just wanted to sing it whole again, and again, and again. Because I wanted it to look real and capture the right moment. It was very fast, but I was just excited about it.

Yes! Good For You, the first single from the new album. As we would expect for it? And you called transient. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Hopefully by the end of the year we will be ready with the album. At the moment I feel we are in the final stages of the process. But what I meant by transient is that I spent a year discovering my new way and discovering something that separates me from other artists. I knew I had things to say, but how I say? So it was very interesting and I learned a lot. I needed to figure out what I wanted and it was great. I think it shows my music. You will be able to listen to the album and think that no one else could sing it.

Well, speaking of transition in this new album, one of my favorite things that you said recently that the way you see now, is not the way you think other people should see you.

Well, I feel there is always a formed idea before people know me. Be at the time of Disney or younger, defined by something that happened in my life. And it can be a little frustrating, so I think people do not accept? Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it is, “I could not imagine how you would” and I think with The Heart Wants What It Wants was the first time I really could say what I wanted. It was scary, but I knew it was real and that’s what I wanted. I wanted it to be real.

I make a quick confession? For all the people in the room and Selena Gomez that one of my favorite songs, I’m not kidding when I say, Who Says, for you and The Scene. It was one I used to dance in the car. I’m not kidding!

No, I loved! This means a lot to me, this song is still one of my favorites. I will perform this song for the rest of my career, I love her!

Can you talk about the message behind this song? Why do I believe it is important.

Yes! I was 16 when I recorded this song and basically I did not want to be anyone but myself and I do not care what people have to say. And it seems that I was projecting my own future and it was great! And in the video, I take my makeup and when I perform, I can see that these girls 10-18 years of age were identifying with this song, because they needed someone to say that. They needed someone to say “I do not care I do not look like most. I’m on the right track. ” Beautiful!

Exactly! It’s a big statement, whole message about the body and that you are who you are. I love that about this song! Anyway, now we had our moment, we’ll ask our listeners on Twitter to give us some inquiry to ask you. I can make some fast right?

Yes of course!

First of all, we announced that this is Selena’s birthday month. Congratulations, July 22! So what will you do on your birthday?

I will stay with my friends. I will not make a party, because I do not want that. But, I have dinner with my friends.

Nice! How involved are you with this new album? In terms of creativity. I feel that is enough!

Yes! Certainly. When I went to this new label, she kind of sat, listened to me and asked what I wanted to do. I was, “That’s it! This is how it will be from now on! “And I had to go in all sessions, even if not stay all the time. I came in, helped people and say what I wanted. They were reworking and reworking and I wanted something related to where I am now. So I spent a lot of time in Mexico, I gathered my favorite composers and we work on the album. There, I came up with the title of my album, so far there was extremely .. You will see! It’s pretty obvious it was me.

A $ AP was amazing in Good For You. We can expect more collaborations on the new album?

Yes! I hope this is the plan. I’d love to, but everything happens organically. So I waited until he finished Good For You and then I asked A $ AP to participate in the album or the track. So we will see what will happen.

Explain the album in one word.

I think I will continue with the “transitory”. It’s the only way I can describe it without a trace.

That’s a good word! What do you see for yourself in the next two years?

I hope to be on the road, maybe doing a tour of the places that I could not go in the ancient world tour. And, perhaps, I am happy with my friends and do not know where I’ll be! I do not want to plan anything. Whenever I plan something, it never works out the way I wanted.

Selena, we love the sound of Good For You! Radio congratulates you for single and can not wait for her new album. And congratulations! Selena Gomez, folks.

Thank you! I appreciate it.




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