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Selena Gomez on set of Despierta America

Selena Gomez on set of Despierta America

Selena Gomez on set of Despierta America

Selena Gomez on set of Despierta America

Selena Gomez on set of Despierta America

Selena arrived in Miami on Friday where she stopped the studios of Despierta America where she gave a interview as she continues to promote her latest movie Hotel Transylvania 2.

Interviewer: All these girls are so happy to have you here, you’re happy to be here?

Selena: Yes I am so happy.

Interviewer: All these girls are gaping to see you how you feel so?

Selena: It’s a bit strange, but I’m so glad to be here because I do not come to Miami often enough as I would like.

Interviewer: That girl next to you when he saw you started crying you know?

Selena: Yes I knew, and I told him that I was not that cool, but it is the best.

Interviewer: In this sequel to Hotel Transylvania, means that things have changed, Mavis is married and has a son, tells us more about this movie.

Selena: It is a bit different than the first, and currently I’m not really a mother, but it’s a crazy thing because the film is people who have come from different backgrounds, be they human or monsters. I think the message of this movie is so important because everyone is equal, you will see that my son is a vampire or a human, it is about accepting people as they are.

Interviewer: And, do you identify yourself with your character, with Mavis?

Selena: Sure, I think she always tries to achieve things that are often not possible, fall in love with a human is one of those impossible things, go to this world and make choices. She is brave and I think I’m more or less like that.

Interviewer: Well, despite the Hotel Transylvania be a very entertaining movie also has many messages, one of which is the family ties that I think nowadays are so important.

Selena: Yes of course, I started acting in a kids program, so it’s very important for me to continue to have that kind of audience. I’m getting older, I am become a woman, I am rediscovering myself to myself. It’s something that keeps me connected to my family!

Interviewer: You have many fans around the world on social networks, how many followers you have more or less?

Selena: In Instagram have 44 million and 50% of them are Latino, thank God!

Interviewer: We have here some fan questions for you and we had many questions here are: Who do you inspire you to write our songs, and what is your favorite Latin singer?

Selena: Well I had the pleasure of dining with Prince Royce he is wonderful. He was very sweet and talked about music, and about the way he wants to bring Latin culture to the world through music.

Fan: Your name is Selena and was inspired by the singer Selena Quintanilla, how it has affected and influenced your life and your career?

Selena: Ever since I was little my parents only listened to music, it’s like being surrounded by the pop my father listened and my mother was more country, so I was raised in a musical environment. We have similar stories, both born in Texas. I feel so honored to carry her name!

Interviewer: If you could give advice to an ancient woman about following your dreams what would you say?

Selena: I think there’s a difference in being famous or having a successful career because you have to work hard, and I think people think that if you have money or someone in your family has … I’m not like that, I did not nothing, and I worked my whole life to be where I am today is all about dedication and hard work! Oh, and boo to school!




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