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Selena Gomez on the Elvis Duran Show

Selena Gomez on the Elvis Duran Show

Selena Gomez on the Elvis Duran Show

Selena Gomez on the Elvis Duran Show

Selena Gomez on the Elvis Duran Show

While in New York City last week Selena sat down with Elvis Duran and talked about her new album as she continues her tour promoting it.

Hi! I’m Selena Gomez and you’re watching Spilled Tea Elvis Duran and The Morning Show.

Right. I think I’ll start now.

Best advice a friend or relative has given you?

You are who you surround yourself and if you’re the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong place.

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Ughhh … .I love horror movie! I like those bloody well. I love “Saw”, but also like the cute as the “CokePokes” it is not doing any feeling. Depends. I like a lot.

What song or album you’re obsessed now?

I love the new album A $ AP, love The Weeknd, very excited about both. I was like, ‘I add mine? I’m just kidding…’

Favorite food you eat when you go to his home in Texas?

The food my grandmother. Is the best! Cassaroles, biscuits and homemade gravy, very good. I’m starving now.

Who are you most excited to see in the Z100 Jingle Ball?

Just found out is the first Jingle Ball of Hailee Steinfeld and I am more than excited to see her sing, love her and encourage her. It will be really fun. But I’m excited to see everyone! These shows are always great to see everyone.

Hmm, yes! I think I answered them all!




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