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Selena Gomez Talks to Fusion

Selena Gomez Talks to Fusion

Selena Gomez Talks to Fusion

Selena Gomez Talks to Fusion

Selena Gomez Talks to Fusion

At 16, it’s a five-album contract with Hollywood Records, a pop music label from Disney.

“I feel it has many different stages of my life I lived where I would say that it was excitement which represented me at the perfect time,” she said. “Stars Dance for me, was a very excitable album because I could half to catch a little of me. ”

To end her contract with Hollywood Records Selena released a greatest hits album in 2014 titled For You They had 15 songs on it, but only one was new: “The Heart Wants What it Wants.”

No one cared about the ideas she had.

“Revival was the first time somebody kind of looked at me and said, ‘All right, then, what you want to do?'” She said.

But Revival does not seem a pity party seems a great arrival.

She told me that her goal was to have an album that represented everything she was feeling in the aftermath of Stars Dance. “Hopefully it’s just an exciting album in general, but fun. It is powerful and empowering. ”

“It’s been two years and a lot has changed very quickly in my life both personally and professionally. And I think that all these decisions have come into my life and you can hear it. I never thought my life would be where he was. ”

After the release of For You, Selena came out of his contract with Hollywood Records, and searched for a new label. As a pop star 22 years of very successful with a strong fan base, Selena might choose. She chose Interscope because they let her take control.

“I really wish I could go into the studio and talk about things. And just at the moment I entered, I would say this to people. I would say like, ‘this is where I am.’ I do not want to work with someone who does not want to work with me. ”

She executively produced this album. She wrote six songs from it. She chose which songs would go on the record and what not. “They had a lot of songs that they probably were not too happy I might not want to,” she laughed. “But that was the point.”

Naked on the cover and a viral campaign on the horizon, Selena made all decisions on this album.

“If I say, maybe I’m not happy about it, they’re like, you made ​​the decision,” she said. “That’s what you have to do. I think that was what I needed. NAP needed apology. I had to compose myself. ”

And she succeeded.

“I’m much more honest when it comes to my music,” she said. “I have no regrets about my work. Nothing that eh I will be perfect, but I think I can understand it and as I have a healthy perspective about it, that’s all that matters. ”

She wants to talk about creating a hit, creating an empire. She plans. She has thought about a video clip can change a song.

“The biggest thing before it-I felt ashamed to ask questions, because I felt like maybe I was not smart, and I may not know what you are talking about.” It was ds impostor syndrome, and this caused her to not speak when he wanted. But now, Selena says, things are different. “I thought because you’re doing it? About that, why? Tell me this, this, and this. ”

Selena Gomez is no longer following orders; but is now giving them.

“I have not figured out everything,” she said. “But it’s kind of cool to become the boss, and learn how to be that.”

With hands in her lap, she looks at me and says. “I constantly want to be better”




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