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Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Yesterday Selena had a telephone interview with Maney, Roy and Lauren from Kiss 95.1 where she talks about her plans for the July 4th weekend with Taylor Swift.

Here’s what was said:

Selena says maybe she’ll spend July 4th with Taylor Swift and some friends. The interviewer jokingly asks “Have you heard that the president and vice president should not be together in the same place? ”

When asked about what time of year she likes to write music she said, “It’s all year round, I hope this does not mean I’m crazy.”

Telling her that that she’s a superstar, Selena responds, “This is so weird! I wake up, I like tacos from time to time, rest, go to work, whatever it is that day. And return home to my bed.”

An announcers asks if she drives her own car, “I’d go crazy if I could not drive, I like being able to drive.”

When asked about her new album she said, “Basically it’s already finished, I want to launch it later this year and then go on tour, that’s the goal!”

Asked about marketing a product line she replied, “I had a clothing line at Kmart for a few years and it was fun, the best partnership, but I do not want to get into something that is not me open right now.”

Asked about all the rumors that come out about her she answered, “My mother knows how this works, so she doesn’t care. My grandmother is like ‘oh my God. You and Taylor all right?’ And I say it’s okay, I’m home, and she says she saw it on the news.”




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