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Selena Gomez talks to London’s KISS FM

Selena Gomez talks to London’s KISS FM

Selena Gomez talks to London's KISS FM

Selena Gomez talks to London's KISS FM

Selena Gomez talks to London’s KISS FM

Hey Selenators, we found this video of Selena’s interview with KISS FM while she was in London last week where she talks about her new album ‘Revival.’

KissFM: We are with Selena Gomez who is absolutely amazing!
Selena: Aw, thank you!

It’s a beautiful dress! What is it?
I do not know … plastic? I do not know … it’s very beautiful, fun, I’m feeling pretty little girl.

We were discussing some things before starting the interview and I hear some strange noises coming from my left.
Good thing I’ve got to put the blame on the dress. Nothing happened!

Now, Selena, we’re all excited for her upcoming album ‘Revival’ which will be released next month, October 9
Thank you!

But first, we have to congratulate you for the 125 million views in ‘Good For You’ on YouTube! How did it happen? It’s incredible!
Aw, thank you! It is surreal! Honestly, you know, when we choose the first single, we were going to put another song. And we knew that ‘Good For You’ was going well but I think we did not expect all the success we have achieved with it so I’m more than happy.

And how do you feel now that your album is about to be released to the world? Because I heard somewhere you saying it’s like holding a baby for nine months and put it out.
Yes. I’m in the ninth month and takes the baby come out. I spent a year working on the album and it’s ready to be launched and for existing. Because for a long time I’ve been silent while there was much chaos going on around me and it’s something I can not wait for people to hear.

So I want to ask you a question woman to woman on ‘Same Old Love’. The song is about you being completely exhausted of love or is about you saying “Girls, we’re all exhausted that?” About what is music?
Basically, in a way, it is a cycle. Obviously, I was in something that’s kind of the same idea but can mean several things, you know. Be a father and daughter love, relationship, there are these cycles that people need to go.

Nice! So back to the album called ‘Revival’. It’s a very strong name for an album. What was the inspiration behind it?
Hmmm … everything! The last two years have been kind of a season of transition for me. Either personally or professionally. I kind of stake looking for some kind of identity

every aspect of my life. I also felt I needed to be heard. I had a lot going on and I needed to take action and translate that to my music and you can hear it. So the first song on the album is called ‘Revival’.

We open a magazine here a few days ago and had this huge picture of you and your tattoo, which is on your leg, right?
Yes! Wow, that was fast!

Is there any meaning behind it? It is a symbol, right?
No, it’s a date, actually. For some reason, pictured, seems a symbol and people asked me, but no. It is the date when I met my best friend Ashley.

Awwww! And it also has you?

Ahhh, that amazing! We’re about to play his new single. You can introduce you to please us?
Yes! Hi folks! Is Selena and this is my new song ‘Same Old Love’. I hope you enjoy it!




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