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Selena Gomez at Radio 106.1 Bli

Selena Gomez at Radio 106.1 Bli

Selena Gomez in white

Selena Gomez at Radio 106.1

Selena Gomez at Radio 106.1

L: She needs no introduction, Selena Gomez is talking to us for the fourth time! Did you know that this is the fourth time I sit down to talk to you?
S: Awn! It’s our 4th anniversary.
L: When we speak for the third time already was a record, then you are breaking your own record today.
S: Thank you!
L: This is the fourth time we spoke and every time this happens I have a chance to know more about you, not only as an artist but also as a person. I think it’s perfect that where I learned the most about you was through the Revival. The new album, the new look is a new you. You feel that way?
S: Sure, but I also think it’s kind of all I wanted it to be, genuinely. I was terrified by exposing me to do and I realize that everyone was trying to expose me and talk to me. And I think that frustration pulled me and motivated me to say what I felt. Not have the credit I deserve, I knew I needed that was the album.
L: And let’s talk about the fact that now you be the boss, I know that on the Today Show you said you took care of things that you grew up in front of the eyes of the whole world and now it’s like “I’m the boss I’ll tell people where I go, as I will look, what I’m going to do, what kind of pictures I’ll take “, this is true? You really are the boss?
S: Of course. I had to start from the beginning, I moved out of my house, passed over for a new label, new agents, it is all very new to me but while I’ve been doing this for so long that I was like, “I know what I would not do and what I would do. ”
L: Right. And it mentioned is exposed before, and album art, photos. I was looking at some of them yesterday, not sounding like crazy, sounded a bit fearful but not in a ghastly way. And I was thinking while I was watching “I feel like I’m crazy but I’m not,” the way they were taken, it is not like it was sexually exaggerated, it is a vulnerable way, open, of who you really are .
S: Well, thank you! It is exactly what I wanted it to be, I think it could be extreme in which fall in this way and, for me, was just about to capture those moments. One of the album art images I’m in the middle of a conversation, my mouth is open and I’m kind of frustrated. It went on to capture these genuine moments, I do not want you to have this whole thing of makeup, super heavy clothes, I just wanted it to be beautiful, simple.
L: And that’s what they were, but I have to ask when the family saw these pictures, what was the first reaction? Because I know that if it was me in the picture and I was shirtless, if my mother saw her, she would probably be a little strange.
S: Well, let’s remind people what I did Spring Breakers so.
L: Fantastic paper, actually. The favorite movie of it and I’m not kidding.
S: Thank you, really.
L: For all the wrong reasons.
S: It’s amazing, it was an amazing EXPERIENCE. But no, it already has been for a long time and I’m sure my father was buying the record, I will not lie, it was like, “Oh girl, what’s happening?”.
L: But they know it’s not on that side.
S: No, of course! My family is very proud of me, they never believe me, they never lay any blame on me, they are quite acceptable.

L: But with the new album comes a new tour.
S: Yes!
L: And I heard the first for the Revival Tour, will be Vegas. You are so excited! You have chosen Vegas to be the first stop?
S: No, I wanted it to be but no. I think it will be very fun, it’s the audience that I think would be really cool to start.
L: You can visit the cities while on tour or is it just a blurred?
S: Sometimes, it means bad when I can not see the cities, I’m like “Oh, it is the place, oh bye.” But I have a few days off and I enjoy the place I am. I love to travel, it is one of my favorite parts.
L: What’s different in preparing for this tour, now that you’ve grown to be a woman now, you are no longer a child, you’re a pop star, an artist. What’s different in preparing for this tour the last tour?
S: Everything I have this incredible album to represent now. And because it’s all me, the visual simplicity, so the tour will be so powerful. I just want it to be exciting, not an exhaustive way, but in a beautiful way, feel that you are part of the album, part of my world. I’ve always been the type of person who does not like to seem untouchable, I do not want people to look at me and think “Oh, I’m on stage and I’m this untouchable human” I’m literally not everyone, I have these moments, I have these days and I want it so want it to be personal.
L: I love that you say that because every time I do I contact you this is the last thing I think, that you are not an untouchable person, you is not the celebrity that boot on a pedestal, you It is that not everyone, you’re cool. He was saying before, you came and greeted him and hugged him. That’s who you are.
S: Thank you!
L: You’re a human being developed, congratulations on your success. I have to do some random questions, people need not worry ,, nothing inappropriate are funny questions. Pizza or Chinese food?
S: Chinese food.
L: What do you ask?
S: Chinese rice, spring rolls







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