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Selena Gomez Talks to The Cruz Show

Selena Gomez Talks to The Cruz Show

Selena Gomez Talks to The Cross Show

Selena Gomez Talks to The Cross Show

Selena Gomez Talks to The Cruz Show

On Friday Selena sat down with Radio Power 106 FM’s The Cruz Show for an interview where she talked about her new album ‘Revival’.

During the interview, Selena talked a bit more about her musical tastes, your family, love life and her nude pose for the cover of her new album.

Listen below:

About Hip-Hop:
“I listen to a bit of all, but I’m really listening to Future Drake music, but I think I love every kind of music! All I’m pitching now has some of this mid-tempo vibe, because it’s what I feel comfortable. I think Hip-Hop is a big part of what I did on my album. I absolutely would do a song on the Future style. Imagine releasing an entire album just with rappers? Would be amazing! I just go in Cologne the show and it was unbelievable! It’s much better live, which is more difficult. ”

On the support of her family:
“My mother and my stepfather who helped me through everything. They are the ones who basically helped me to be where I am right now. My father is more disconnected it, which is very good for me. He does not care about that. I prefer it that way, because he was the first man in my life. It was the first guy that I loved and I fully believe that. It’s cool, he gets excited about everything. It embarrasses me, it is so much fun! Are normal things, you know? He just gets so excited about being a father and our favorite series since it’s always Friends. ”

About recording their new album:
“It took a year to make this album and I’m with a new label now. The album is called Revival and in the last two years it has been on what people have to say about my life and no one knows. The world, the media .. it was very frustrating. There’s a song on my album called Kill. In. With. Kindness. and I always did it and the situation got out of control. I cried in the studio, then was happy in the studio, I made the best songs of my career in the studio. Then it was time for me to explore who I was and I think it was importane, that’s why I called it Revival. The album launched on 9 October. I’d love you to hear Same Old Love, is the second single from the album. It’s very different, all I’m doing is quite different. Hope you like it! (…) This is very crazy, I feel like I’m pregnant and I just want my baby to come out. ”

Game of questions and answers:

“Would you prefer that no one showed up at your wedding or at your funeral?

Perhaps marriage as it is about me and who I’m getting married. I just hope people remember me, that people are at my funeral.

You prefer to eat the same food for the rest of your life or never use Instagram?

Eat the same food every day, why Instagram is my way of connecting me and if I had my own voice, these people would eat me alive. I need to talk to me.

Would you rather join his parents in bed for a night or watch them doing it for the rest of your life?

See them doing that ?! Who does that? Who does this kind of question? This will haunt me for a month. I think .. I can not!

Would you rather have shaped ears fingers vagina or penis-shaped?

Ears on vagina shape. This is weird.”

On the cover of the album:
“It was interesting. I had done for V Magazine. Later in the day, it will be a matter or when the album comes out. The music will take everything, because that’s how I am confident about it. You have to understand I’ve dealt with a lot of people talking bad about my body this year and I had never experienced that before. Why I do not care for such things, but I called a certain way and did not care. It’s ours! It hurt a lot. I’ve experienced people trying to control this kind of thing before and I think this is my time! I wanted to do it the way I wanted to, it is a picture of the 70s, with those shorts and was beautiful! I’m proud of it. Not to be p my way, but I will not they hit me! And I can do what I love and I love that I can do this all the time. It’s beautiful! I do not want diamonds around me and heavy makeup on the cover, I wanted it to be natural.

Describing the paparazzi in three words:
“Invasive, rapists and disgusting. It has a time you like, but when you are respected. They emerged in the era of Marilyn Monroe in premieres and they began to appear in our personal lives. I do not care when they need to be there, but it’s all about respect. It is very disappointing, they’re just looking for the wrong photo. If I wanted to just take your picture, but no. That’s what I do not like. I would respect them more if they were more respectful of my space. ”

On the media when she has a family:
“In the future, I think there will be things floating. I think everything will be in the air. I do not know, we’ll know when it happens. ”

On its Latin origin:
“I do not know how to speak Spanish fluently and that’s frustrating. I was better as a child, but then I started working was difficult. ”

About his preference for men:
“I’ve hung out with black men on a date. But at the moment I’m not looking for anyone right now. I like to go out to people and that’s what I’m doing now. But yeah, I’m pretty open to everything to be honest. ”




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