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Selena Gomez Talks to Radio Z100

Selena Gomez Talks to Radio Z100

Selena Gomez Talks to Radio Z100

Selena Gomez Talks to Radio Z100
Selena stopped in at radio station Z100 last week where she chatted with DJ Maxwell about her new album and much more!

S: It’s great, I put much effort into it, I have not read any reviews, I left there. It is very important to me, it’s my best album.
L: How is it for you to know that all your feelings and thoughts are on this album, and people are listening?
S: I think the world, and all feelings of pressure and chaos why I’m going through, pushed me, even though they are negative moments, motivated me to want to be heard. I wanted to achieve this end, express the reason I’m here, I’m doing it since the 7, it’s not like I had to. It’s something that I can do and want to share with people.
L: You proved so vulnerable, it seemed to work?
S: I think the strongest thing one can be is vulnerable and honest. That’s one thing I needed, I was nervous. The Heart Wants What It Wants was the first time I did something like this, since the clip to the song, performance, I was feeling inside of me so it made no sense I come and say: here a pop song, I’m happy, great . That’s what I said when I launched and lowered my guard, I realized it was all in music and I did not speak, he has changed the way I see the album.
L: How will you convey these feelings to the stage?
S: I’m very excited, I want to show a personal and emotional way, not in a bad way, but something more for understanding the lyrics, which are great, I worked with great producers. I did not want just had a nice beat, wanted something meaningful, that people could feel the letter.
L: When you’re on stage and see that person far away, you think you want to capture her heart?
S: Of course, that moment is recalled faith and humanity for me, I know it’s amazing to see a father with his daughter on his shoulders, listening to my music, dancing. You have two best friends dancing, a couple … it’s incredible power to bring people together like that. I can not … you can google me crying and will find in every stage, is so impressive to me insane, I think it’s beautiful.
L: What are some things that make you smile and go during the day?
S: My friends, my fans .. do not say this cliché way, I genuinely open Instagram when I’m not so good and I see a story, a picture of meet and greet, reminds me why I’m doing such a thing.
L: How cool is when you get away from the world and stay with your friends?
S: my two housemates have nothing to do with the industry but they have been with me for so long that I already understand, it’s very nice to go home with it. I love my team and my job but sometimes you just want space and do not want to talk about work.
L: Do you watch Netflix?
S: Yes, I like Scandal, I have to watch a few episodes of vampire because I’m a little late.
L: Homeland’ve ever seen? And narcos?
S: I have not seen homeland, but narcos ah, I’m afraid not scare me. Everything scares me.




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