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Selena Gomez at work on new movie

Selena Gomez at work on new movie

Selena Gomez holding a baby

Selena Gomez  In Dubious Battle

Selena Gomez at work on new movie

Selena’s been working hard on her new movie called ‘In Dubious Battle’ in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 22 year old star is playing the young mother Lisa London in a screen adaptation of the 1936 novel by John Steinbeck.

Dressed in 1930’s depression clothes, Selena is pictured wearing a simple cotton floral dress with buttons down the front and big pair of rubber boots.

She’s seen practicing her wood-chopping skills in-between takes, and holding a real baby as her character has an infant child.

Selena was seen rehearsed with the doll for almost two hours before being using the real thing for the movie.

In Dubious Battle is set during the Great Depression, and tells the story of an activist who gets caught up in a labor movement with the Californian farm workers.

Elsewhere the young star is waiting for the September 25 release of the animated sequel Hotel Transylvania 2, where she reprises her voiceover role of Mavis.

Plus her new single I Want You To Know with boyfriend DJ Zedd continues to stay on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.




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