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Selena Gomez talks to Capital FM

Selena Gomez talks to Capital FM

Selena Gomez talks to Capital FM

Selena Gomez talks to Capital FM

Selena Gomez talks to Capital FM

Was released the full interview given by Selena Gomez, the announcer of radio Capital FM British,

Selena talked to DJ Max Singer at radio Capital FM in London where she gave out some new information on her album, the tracks on it, song names and even partnering with Ed Sheeran and more.

On collaborating with A $ AP Rocky: “It was amazing! I have noticed where I am, I think two years ago was a completely different position, where people may not have been comfortable in working with me. Really I wanted to have an opportunity in this album. We contacted the A $ AP, sent him a message like ‘I’m a big fan. I would be so honored if you’d listen to the song ‘and it kind of happened organically. What makes me very happy. Honestly, that’s what people said. I know he respects people and that does not make many collaborations, it was all to improve the music, which was great! ”

About the public response to “Good For You”, “In fact, we did not expect to have this good response to music. The reason why I chose as the first single was due to style, I found that people were expecting me to launch a dance music – as I did earlier this year – I love it and I have songs on the album that are really good for the ballad but I knew I wanted this to be single people react with ‘oh this is so cool, did not expect this.’ It is one of my favorite songs. I did not expect anything to happen it. I knew that people would be interested in knowing why I chose but it was a complete surprise. ”

About the music video for “Good For You” and not as “proved too”: “Right. Honestly, it’s all due to the angle of the cameras, but I was in underwear. “The announcer asks what she was inspired to be so sexy in the video. To which she replies, “You know what’s fun? I’ve been talking about this the other day with my friends and, actually, I can not be sexy like that in my real life. I make mistakes on set but I know that in the end, will capture good moments. It’s a bit about representing / pretend. Obviously, I feel sexy sometimes, but it’s certainly more intense in the video. ”

About the music video for “Bad Blood”: “Taylor has been one of my best. You know what’s interesting [on the video]? It is that the song is definitely about someone who hurt and what that means to you, but the video is so crazy because each woman was so amazing and loving to everyone. It was a video with feminine power. I do not think anyone has ever done that, we were all set eating burgers, talking and laughing. Normally when recording a video clip is up to you … it was very cool, he did not seem to work. ”

About joining Taylor Swift at a concert of his tour: “Yes, of course we talked about this. I know something will happen but we will see. But of course, I love it. It would be so fun to be on that stage. ”

About how it feels to be a model, “not only in relation to girls, I just want people to realize that I am no more or less than anyone else. I have a different job and work a different number of hours, but it is so important to me. All my best friends who live not work in the industry and I know that, especially younger girls, I feel so bad because they come online photos and think they have to be that way when no one is so. I always try to remind them … I have horrible pictures of me online, with glasses, eating, with double chin, but that’s completely normal, it does not look like the magazine all the time. ”

About a collaboration with Chris Brown: “I try to give you a clue about [a joint track with him], but in fact there is nothing on the record with Chris. I’m a fan of his and turned out to be that we talk about music after the album be ready. I will not say that there is an opportunity for this because I love his music, so .. ”

On the new album “Revival” and his new stage musical: “I’ve seen fake track lists circulating and I think only one of the titles of the songs is what was right, not many people know what to expect … then the names that are coming out and rumors are so entertaining, they are everywhere. As in Good For You, I think people will surprise a bit. We are preparing for this and has been crazy, I get excited because I worked so much on this album … I think in the past I was not at the time / right place to put me on one side of what I speak, what separates me from other artists and I I finally found it. I think, more than anything, I know vocally I’m not Mariah Carey or Celine Dion, but I know that I have a style and the way I put it into practice and how can I make it sound so cool, different and true for me . It’s a bit about growing up and finding out that I have to discover what it is. What I love the artists is that if you get a little of what they are and I do not think I’ve done that enough. ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ was the first time I’ve shown honesty, purity and whatever side I showed. That’s why I think people love Rihanna because she is honest in everything you do, that’s why we love Katy [Perry], Taylor Swift … they are themselves and not about them climb the stage and sing all these high notes. ”

About a possible collaboration with Ed Sheeran: “Me and Ed have been friends for some years and I do not think [happened a partnership], not because they never collaborate with him – because I’m dying to work with him – is more due to style of this album is a bit special. ”

On having worked with Hit Boy, choose the title “Revival”: “I worked with different producers like Hit Boy, that’s one of my favorites, it was a little on discovering what was right for the album style. Bring my world for him was great. Actually we both chose the name for the album – Revival – we went to Mexico and kind of create tracks from scratch and we would find out what was, added a bit of Spanish guitar and all this because I’m Latin, like ‘the What we had to do to make cool. He actually brought much swag (style) for the album. ‘

About having celebrated her birthday in London: “It was fun. I was in London with my friends and some friends there. The first four days no one knew I was there and then I went out to dinner and there were paparazzi, it was funny. The UK is one of my favorite places in the world, it would be one of the places you want to live one day. [When you go on tour] will pass there for sure. You have been very important to us and I feel it is a country that will bring me so many opportunities, I really love my fans there and how much has been devoted for years, during my journey. Maybe go there even before the tour to talk about the album. The release date for the album we have now is the 9th of October so let’s try that each has a special day. ”
Questions sent by fans:

Question: Will write more movies this year?
Answer: No. I shot three films this year, but after finishing the last one, focused me on the album, to make it perfect, did not want to distract me. It’s all about the music now.

Question: How many tracks are in the Revival?
A: 11, do not think are officially defined.

Question: Can you tell us the title of the song # 3 because you recently said it is his favorite.
A. I can not say, but I will say that there is a clue in my Instagram.

Question: What is the thing at the top of your list who still want to do?
Answer: Maybe something like bungee jumping, skydiving because they never do, it makes me want to throw up, but love to do bungee jumping.

A message for her fans: “I wanted them to say so much and I hate that it always sounds the same because I do not want that thought is not genuine. It’s so crazy that worldwide I have people who have attended since I was 13 years in my series so far or even new fans. It’s something that never took for granted, it is so special. I love you very much. Can not wait to show love very much when there. Just want to thank. ”




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