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Selena Gomez Talks to Saturday Night Online

Selena Gomez Talks to Saturday Night Online

Selena Gomez at SiriusXM Radio

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez Talks to Saturday Night Online

Selena Gomez called up radio Saturday Night Online for a telephone interview with them. She answered their questions on subjects such as her favorite food dish, her dream date, favorite countries and much more.

Question: What is the most fun part of making an animated film vs. a normal movie?
Selena: It does not take so long. But it’s also fun, it’s really nice and quiet .. you are representing a character and his actions, you have to synchronize with what they say in the animation.
Question: What is your favorite dish to cook?
Selena: I like Lettuce Wraps. I do a good Lettuce Wraps.
Question: What is the album you can not stop listening?
Selena: The new album A $ AP Rocky & the Kehlani.
Question: What is your idea of perfect date?
Selena: I hate meetings, are so strange / awkward. I like just hanging out with people and that organic things from happening. That would be fine.
Question: What are your favorite countries to sing?
Selena: Anywhere in South America are so passionate about everything is so beautiful, they are so committed.
Question: I do not know how they do not block Twitter every week. Your fans in Brazil, they are crazy, they are in the top 3 countries.
Selena: Literally, only Brazil. They are fantastic. I love Brazil.



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Selena Gomez at the 2015 VMAs

Selena Gomez at the 2015 VMAs

Selena Gomez at the 2015 VMAs

Selena Gomez at the 2015 VMAs

Selena Gomez at the 2015 VMAs

Selena was at last nights Video Music Awards in Los Angeles where she was part of Taylor Swift’s troup of gals who were in her video ‘Bad Blood’.

Posing on the red carpet she looked every bit the star as she stood with Taylor Swift, Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt and Hailee Steinfeld.

After the show she headed over to the Gabriela Cadena afterparty wearing a very sexy black cut-out mesh dress with double slit.




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Selena Gomez talks to radio Manchester’s Key 103

Selena Gomez talks to radio Manchester’s Key 103

Selena Gomez talks to radio Manchester's Key 103

Selena Gomez talks to radio Manchester's Key 103

Selena Gomez talks to radio Manchester’s Key 103

Selena had another radio interview this time with Manchester’s Key 103, where Selena talked about his friendship with Taylor Swift, collaborations with Chris Brown and Zayn Malik and more.

Selena Gomez has praised Taylor Swift for being an “incredible inspiration” in her career.

THE singing ‘Good For You’ said what a Swift always I wanted her discover what made ​​her different of others artists, and cried after seeing his performance of ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ in American Music Awards in the year past.

In an interview with radio station Manchester’s Key 103, she said, “Taylor has been a incredible inspiration and she is a of my biggest supporters, and no I think people know it so much how much they think it’s what they think. ”

“She always wanted me to see what me makes different and never too forced his opinion, and it only me I say in she believed and what she think that I should do, and I know there eight years! ”

“So, It is something what a us always means we had in common and AMAs when I performed ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ she and I were crying backstage and she was, ‘I’m as Proud in you, that era all I always wanted people saw about you’, and that was really cool. She is incredible. ”

Gomez also caused a possible collaboration with Chris Brown for The interview but fans can have what a expect one bit, because it does not it seems what a it will be at its close album.

In response to rumors that he will be on the album, she He said, “Good and Funny, we as a matter of fact We have been recently in contact. Thus, the album it’s ready.”

“I am a big Chris fan Brown. He but if have a opportunity for us to do something later clear, because he is so … he is the also very talented, you know? ”

Meanwhile the star denied rumors that she and Zayn Malik are recording music together but said what a would be “much exciting “work with the old star of One Direction.

“I know Zayn then if he want to contact, he you know which can,” she said.




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Selena Gomez in London England

Selena Gomez in London England

Selena Gomez in London England

Selena Gomez in London England

Selena Gomez in London England

Selena and some friend were partying Thursday at the London night spot, Beach Blanket Babylon. Dressed to impress in a leather halter top and matching leather pants, she celebrated her 23rd birthday with an all girl crew.

Posting some pictures in the internet she captioned one, ‘Surround yourself with wonderfully genuine hearted ladies, ladies. #franklingirls #LAmeetsOC.’

Even Taylor Swift wished her a happy birthday, posting, ‘Happy 23rd Birthday, @selenagomez. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since we met!! I love you so much, always.’

And to add to the excitement Selena has announced the release date of her next album, it’s called Revival and will be on stores shelves on October 9, 2015, just in time for Christmas.




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Selena Gomez with Zach Sang and the Gang

Selena Gomez with Zach Sang and the Gang

Selena Gomez with Zach Sang and the Gang

Selena Gomez with Zach Sang and the Gang

Selena Gomez with Zach Sang and the Gang

Incase you missed Selena’s interview the other day with Zach Sang and the Gang we have it all here for you.

In this 33 minute interview she talks about her professional and personal life plus she talks about her album’s recording process, your love life, your relationships with people and even your opinion her voice.

How her songs compete with other artists, her performance of Good For You, singing in the Taylor Swift show, what she thinks of the Hilary Duff and Raven-Symoné generation and more.

Here’s the transcript:

ZS: Zach Sang and the Gang. Now we are having fun in the studio with the one, absolutely wonderful. Look at you. you look beautiful.
SG: Aww. Thank You!
ZS: Selena Gomez!
SG: Hello! Always so sweet.

ZS: How are you?
SG: I’m fine, I’m fine. I can not complain. Good things happening.

ZS: Man, with “good things” you want to say many good things and amazing? The new poster girl of Pantene, you have four films coming out this year, “Good For You” is devastating. What is life? Describe me in one sentence.
SG: In one sentence? I think one or two words would suffice.
ZS: All right.
SG: I would say beautifully chaotic. There’s so much going on and the problem is that I do not have time to sit back and really enjoy these things because I’m always wanting to do the next thing. It’s something I have to work, but I have a new album I’m anxious for people to hear and I’m letting people know a little. “Good For You” is just the beginning.

ZS: I think, I was interviewing you in almost every single since “Naturally”. And I have the feeling that your music has evolved over the years and this is a “you” again. You feel that way when creating the studio?
SG: I was two years without recording new music and now I went to the studio and had more opportunities. I could meet other producers, creating new relationships. During those years I worked hard and earned the respect of some people that I worked on this album. It’s like I had telling the other side of the story, doing what would separate me from other artists looking for other strengths of my voice. I’m not the best singer in the world, but I think I can convey emotion and have a different timbre and are crucial things to create music. And you look at their favorite artists such as Bob Dylan perhaps, his voice is very good, but it’s not like he was Whitney Houston. His voice tells a story, and clearly people are interested in my and my duty to tell it. And I’m looking forward to that is the time to enjoy the place I am.

ZS: Let’s talk about the album, but not on mechanical aspects, let’s talk about the stories behind the songs. How much you have on this album compared to past albums?
SG: It’s in the past is not me, but I did not know what and how I was going to say. I also have to be honest and say that people never gave me the opportunity to speak how I feel. So let’s put that I did not know how I would say certain right and was afraid to be myself. “The Hearts Wants What It Wants” was the first time I could put those things aside and say: ‘Come back.’ That’s how I feel and that’s what I’ll say. And that gave me the confidence to take that direction pro album.

ZS: And I think it will be able to be seen in the new songs?
SG: Yes, I hope so. That’s the idea. Of “Heart” to “Good For You” has been exciting because people want to know what will be the next part.

ZS: Exactly. It has a story running through their music. When you write these songs or when collaborating with people, as you said, it’s scary to you release these feelings. Had any scenario in which you have lived something you think is cool for a song, but you underestimated? You got in the studio and was afraid to put on paper?
SG: Not necessarily. I would say I’m in a very good place, so even when I’m playing in these most sensitive issues is a more powerful way. I won power in my life that I love it a lot. (Laughter) I want people to hear it, they see it is as I am. Growing up, people.

ZS: What is this happy place in your life? The building all this?
SG: It’s just really authentic people. If you look everything is your work or personal life, you are surrounded by people. And it’s very hard to find people you can relate to. When I surrounded myself with people who have the same idea I which is basically being good to people who understand what I’m saying here, when I’m creating music. These are people that make you feel better.

ZS: So you obviously had an incredible journey. You look back and think of some things that could have done differently?
SG: No, I do not think I would have done something different. I like to have made some mistakes and have gone through some hard times, it makes me human. I love that I am an inspiration to children, but there is nothing close to perfect. So if there’s something that connects me with someone who is going through a difficult moment I can say, ‘Hey, I understand completely. But I’ll get up every day and release me these bad things and continue my way. And I hope you do the same ‘.

ZS: Great attitude that your. You know what I was thinking as he watched Google? You put things in Instagram and they become news. You do something wrong in the streets and make the news. You post a picture eating ice cream with Cody Simpson and then you are dating. What the fuck? This is not life.
SG: Yes. (Laughs) That’s the power of social media being used in a bad way. But I try to use it as a strength and filter these things. I know Cody for years and have many friends. You have to ignore and eventually they will see that we are not together.

ZS: You get used to it?
SG: I’m kind of fickle about it. Some days I think, ‘OK, it’s just a part of things. Okay ‘and some days I wake up without wondering any of these things. It depends a lot. Everyone has these inconsistencies.

ZS: If you could change something in this world of celebrities. What would change? Whether in society or in the world as well.
SG: Oh, wow! this is too hard! I think people should understand that everyone has their moments. But child stars or children are a very frequent target and the people who write these stories have children and they have to go to school, deal with bullying, have followers in social networks and they should think about it. And people think too much, I can do many good things and people will still ask: What? Will never be enough, will still ask: what you did yesterday and will do tomorrow? But I think that people who follow my journey know that they are true to myself or even who click a news and watch an interview, I’m not filtering anything, I’m being very true.

ZS: Be genuine and true, at some point, conquest worldwide. Do you think this could change how these people see you?
SG: Maybe. It is very difficult. Too many people in the world who do not know how much they are cool, you know? Everyone is different, but when you are constantly following trends or what people are doing, you lose the direction of what you are and think you are not good enough. And when you’re looking at these pictures and these #SquadGoals, it is not quite what you are seeing. If you take this evaluative load, it is just a picture, just a moment, normal people. I want people to realize how much they themselves are cool, everyone has it within himself.

ZS: What you said is very accurate and true. Everyone is amazing.
SG: Absolutely. People are just running away from certain feelings because it is strange feel different this standard and not find it good. Even the songs, people are fleeing their feelings and that’s why I love and respect the work of Taylor, is quite honest and truthful. With their favorite artists, you fall in love with their hearts and their stories.

ZS: Let’s talk about the album. I think “Good For You” is an amazing single, a different Selena. Everyone is saying it’s a sexier side of him. You feel that way?
SG: Of course! I think it’s a sexy song. Even with the clip, as I brought it to life, it is very romantic. These are moments that are not so sexy, but it’s what I think makes a woman beautiful. I love when you are in the shower and thinking of something or when you wake up in the morning and is robe. Obviously it’s a glamorous version, but are genuine moments I think women are beautiful. It’s how I feel and I’m embracing it.

ZS: Wow. I have known you by interviewing over time and you are always amazing, do not get me wrong. But now it has an aura of freedom around you that makes me happy.
SG: Good. (Laughs) As long as I make you happy. Anyway, sometimes you have to say, “Why do you want to do that moment something uncomfortable?” I go to photo shoots, as I was with the staff of Pantene and they were very cute and told me I was too cool, but they were shocked. So I looked at them and said, “Why do I make this uncomfortable situation for me and you? I’m taking pretty pictures, I’m shaking my hair back and forth. You have a choice if you want to be happy, be happy. “It is something I have always with me and I think people see it.

ZS: You think it’s difficult to genuinely true friends in the industry?
SG: I do not know why sometimes has that thing, ‘Hey, you’re famous. I’m famous. We know each other, but do not need us to come in terms of friendship ‘. But it’s not a bad thing. I feel I know Amy Schumer, but I’m not at liberty to come and tell her, ‘So what’s going on in your love life now?’. So you have strange things that happen when you relate to some celebrities, but I found friends who will be at my wedding and are of this world, but I’m also not famous friends. My two housemates are not industry. I have a good balance of both.

ZS: It is important to surround yourself with people who are in the industry as well.
SG: Yes, I think it happened naturally. I like to make this balance to myself, but everyone has a different way of dealing with it.

ZS: I see you and Amy Schumer and friends. I saw you two tweeting.
SG: I know. I hope it becomes a real friendship. I watch her show, I’m trying to get. I watched ‘Trainwrecker’ and it is unbelievable, very funny.

ZS: So, Amy Schumer: a potential friend to Selena Gomez’s friend. What is the first step? Tweet at her like you did?
SG: Well, she knows I like her. And I’m sending tweets to her. I’m sure we’ll meet. ‘Amy is my friend’. Excuse me, but the thirst for Amy Schumer is real.

ZS: Amy has done important things for women as well as Taylor. Do you think it is important to some women so than compete with them?
SG: Absolutely. I always learned from Taylor, I always learn. I appreciate and respect her advice when I play my music, but overall I feel motivated just by being surrounded by women. When I was at the Met Ball surrounded by beautiful and powerful women I felt good about it. It is motivating, inspiring, I always support other women. I’m a fan too. I think it’s important to have that respect for other people and it is also important to talk about them, as I am speaking of Amy.

ZS: You get used to go in certain places like the Met Gala and see these people and get back the respect you have for them?
SG: It’s pretty cool, but then it’s also just a lot of people. They are all really nice. I get really nervous sometimes when I’m around some people. People I watched and saw on TV a long time and sometimes you get close to them and they are: “Excuse me, but who are you?” And you say, “I know, but I know you always.” It is very strange, but it’s pretty cool.

ZS: Okay, now I want to talk a little album. Collaborations on this new album or some coming?
SG: The main focus now is to figure out how I will unite the songs within the album. Once I have done that I will 100% sure think about collaborations. I can not do this now, why do I need to figure out what will go pro first album.

ZS: It was different to work with A $ AP this time? Why, again, you never collaborated with many people.
SG: Yes. It has two collaborations and they are not so much direct … It’s pretty crazy, because I am a fan and I’ve been obsessed with his new album. It was like that: got his number, I sent a message and he was like that, ‘Who is this person’. So I sent the song to him and said, ‘Okay, you can totally say anything, I do not care. Just want to know what you think, I would love to have you on track ‘.

ZS: You thought about the possibility of him not to speak? Were you scared?
SG: Yes. Of Course! I’m used to it, by the way. Not because it is evil, but because they may not be right. I do not think I’d like that when I was doing the other song because I tried, but it was not the right time. They said, ‘you are still in this world’, ‘you’re still on that path. ” And I really lived in a different world. Then I thought about all this when I sent pro A $ AP and he recorded his verse 48 hours and sent me. He found the music very good, sent me the nicest message the other day thanking me for not having sent to him just another generic pop song, it really has personality and depth. It made me very happy.

ZS: That’s pretty cool. Earn the respect of another artist who do not even know he liked and even put his name. That’s awesome. If someone asks you to assist you be available?
SG: Sure. It depends, but yeah. It happened with Zedd. We met and he called me into the studio. Have fun for five days, we made the song and try the other two as well.

ZS: I think it’s pretty fascinating how it all comes together artistically. When you are in the studio with Zedd who takes care of that? What is the return? How is the energy of creation? It has to be well insane.
SG: Yes. Everyone works completely different. Producers and even composers. But Anton is very specific, he wanted to record all the vocals for the songs. So, all right, and I worked with other vocal producers that I am used to. And I told him he had to know my voice and see what we could do. So I was very hungry and asked for food. I was in the booth recording and asked if my food had arrived and he replied, not yet, is almost here. Then I recorded elsewhere and he asked for more: ok, so it’s perfect. Let’s do one more time. Just when I left the cabin, my food was there for 45 minutes, he was loving the desperate tone in my voice, then he kept me in the cabin. So everyone works differently. And it’s good to experience these different things, challenge me, go to my limits.

ZS: You’ve always been this collaborative person?
SG: Yes, in a way. I was just insecure, I was afraid of my ideas are not good enough and bring them to the table. So I’m going to the bottom now, I explain how I feel, what I want my fans understand what will be good for me, I speak if the music is not good because I have an identity. I know what I want. It’s cool.

ZS: It takes years to get it, right?
SG: Yes, but some people just have. It’s pretty crazy, there are people who are younger than me or older who has been doing this for a long time. I had an instinct and, clearly, I should do what I was doing, but I did not know how to get it. The story of everyone is different.

ZS: But the songs you created are my favorite. I heard the old interviews and Naturally it was my favorite song. Do you remember that time? Promoting his first single, going to radio stations, recording ‘Wizards’ at the same time?
SG: Yes. I remember everything like it was yesterday. It’s a different life, but I feel like it was yesterday. It was a different time, there’s no way I get out of where I am and get back out there, but it makes me happy to reflect on that time.

ZS: So you’re fine now personally and professionally speaking. You know I always ask this: is dating a boy now?
SG: No. This is the most exciting year I’ve had in my career so far. If something happens, it happens, but it’s not my focus. It’s nice to discover what my passion and make it my passion.

ZS: What is your passion at the moment?
SG: I love having a voice, is trying to find a voice for a character in a movie or to help my friends in real life. Or what I could do for my sister or my fans. I wake up every day with a purpose and that is the exciting feeling that you get.

ZS: number one: this is amazing. Number 2: You use your voice to some amazing things. You’ve been working with UNICEF for years. Insane.
SG: It’s different. There are so many other opportunities that I would be more educated about and I feel like I have not overstepped the surface. I need to do some things like Angelina Jolie. It’s pretty crazy, but it’s a very important thing for me. Still keeping me sensible that there are things happening in the world. When I wake up and I’m devastated as it has a tabloid saying something about me and not even know what this means to me, which may cause me. There are people who are grateful to just wake up and have a roof over their heads. There are many more important things happening in the world. I like to do what I can in this regard and personally I do not think enough, but there’s always room in my growth.

ZS: Is there pressure on you not doing enough? You see someone doing something and think, ‘I could have done this’ or ‘I could have done better’?
SG: No, no. Sometimes I press myself as, for example, sometimes it is the eighth day in a row that the hall will move in hair and makeup for two hours and a half and people wear me. Then I think: where is the human person here? So in those moments I think the world is immense and I’m very small. I think too much, I do not sleep right thinking about the world.

ZS: What was the last thing took their sleep?
SG: I think this album. Thinking about the songs and maybe something I should have done differently in any of them or about changing the title of the album or how I will talk about one aspect. This album became the center of my life now. I sit and think about both things I have to do, I have not eaten right and that I should eat better because I’m losing weight.

ZS: All day?
SG: No. Only the night. During the day I dream awake, ‘Oh what a beautiful day. ” And the night I start thinking, ‘How will solve every problem in my head?’

ZS: You underestimate your album?
SG: I’m not underestimating my album. It’s about how sales should happen and all those little details. Why do I want that from the time that people put their headphones or put it in the car to play the album start with something and finish so incredible. I want people to listen and talk, ‘I did not expect this. ”

ZS: There is pressure for you to do a very good album? Why is it really a new Selena. New album, new label, new sound.
SG: I do not think. I get a little nervous, but do not think. In the end everyone will have an opinion. I just want people to listen.

ZS: You’re rocking. Razing much. You’re kicking ass, being too. Love is real. We want to play Mario Kart with you. Do you plan to perform with A $ AP soon?
SG: It’s something I would love to, but I have no idea. There’s a lot that we are preparing, my schedule gives me anxiety just to see her. But there are performances and opportunities that have not been marked that could open up.

ZS: And perform on one of the concerts of Taylor? Everyone is going. When is it your turn?
SG: I do not know! I definitely will not say when, but it can happen.

ZS: It asks you to go to the show or you ask?
SG: It depends. She asked me to do Who Says on the last tour. Who Says she loves and I were talking about attending one of the shows, so I was in New York and came all. I put on my dress and went there. It was very organic. She is family.

ZS: It created a circle of friends and very strong people around her by various artists. You see some things and asks to be more involved?
SG: I think she connects well with people, not just artists, but girls. And I think it lacks enough in the world. There is a huge competition between girls and gets to be quite disgusting. So has the fact that it is one of the most powerful female artists and simply invite others to be part of it with her. That’s the message of it, it is what she wants to spend. That’s pretty cool.

ZS: Yes. There is this whole industry pettiness, one bad-mouthing the other, girls talking about girls. Do you think this can change? that hurts.
SG: Maybe, but it has been there for a long time and not think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. And I do not think it’s harmful. Perhaps the best songs have been created based on that. It is quite addictive, you have to know where you stand.

ZS: Have you ever felt that competed with anyone?
SG: No. I guess I never thought there would be something for me to compete. Why would I look and say: this is mine? Especially when I was starting. no chance. I’ve done cover of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, all female artists of weight. I respect them. And now I have my own sound and I will separate me some of that.

ZS: Speaking of which, we had Hilary Duff here and talked about how she paving a path for his generation of Disney artists and singer, actress and star. You think so?
SG: Oh, of course! I wanted to be Hilary Duff. When I was 10, Britney Spears and Hilary Duff were my world. I was obsessed with them. And I absolutely think she did it, and Raven-Symoné. I think they were two strong female figures and on their way were iconic. The film of Lizzie Mcguire, especially, is like the face of Disney.

ZS: you’re already thinking about a next single?
SG: Yes. It is a part of sleep loss.

ZS: It’s already decided which songs will enter pro album? How many?
SG: Yes. We had more than 18 and have reduced that number.

ZS: Who do you want to hear before going to the radio? Who do you trust?
SG: I never play everything for everybody. Usually I play my four favorite songs for Taylor and see what she likes most. So I play my five favorite songs to friends who do not know anything about music and see what they like. Or for the children of the staff of my church, like the honest opinion of them. But ultimately, the choice is just mine.

ZS:. I liked the choice of Good For You was a very smart move.
SG: Thank you.

ZS: Let’s play Mario Kart.




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Selena Gomez spends July 4th with Ashley Cook

Selena Gomez spends July 4th with Ashley Cook

Selena Gomez spends July 4th with Ashley Cook

Selena Gomez spends July 4th with Ashley Cook

Selena Gomez spends July 4th with Ashley Cook

Selena decided not to take up Taylor Swift invitation to spend July 4th with her at her Rhode Island waterfront home, and instead stayed home.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t do anything as she was seen out with her friend and assistant Ashley Cook as the two took a little road trip.

Posting a snap shot to her Instagram, it shows the two checking out some fresh fruit at a local fruit stand.

Selena captioned the photo, ‘My best friends and I took a road trip. We stopped to get fruit. Prayed for our soldiers fighting for our freedom. Remembering what today is about and giving thanks before we! Happy 4th everybody!”




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Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Selena Gomez Talks with KISS 95.1 FM

Yesterday Selena had a telephone interview with Maney, Roy and Lauren from Kiss 95.1 where she talks about her plans for the July 4th weekend with Taylor Swift.

Here’s what was said:

Selena says maybe she’ll spend July 4th with Taylor Swift and some friends. The interviewer jokingly asks “Have you heard that the president and vice president should not be together in the same place? ”

When asked about what time of year she likes to write music she said, “It’s all year round, I hope this does not mean I’m crazy.”

Telling her that that she’s a superstar, Selena responds, “This is so weird! I wake up, I like tacos from time to time, rest, go to work, whatever it is that day. And return home to my bed.”

An announcers asks if she drives her own car, “I’d go crazy if I could not drive, I like being able to drive.”

When asked about her new album she said, “Basically it’s already finished, I want to launch it later this year and then go on tour, that’s the goal!”

Asked about marketing a product line she replied, “I had a clothing line at Kmart for a few years and it was fun, the best partnership, but I do not want to get into something that is not me open right now.”

Asked about all the rumors that come out about her she answered, “My mother knows how this works, so she doesn’t care. My grandmother is like ‘oh my God. You and Taylor all right?’ And I say it’s okay, I’m home, and she says she saw it on the news.”




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