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Selena Gomez interviewed by Wonderland Magazine

Selena Gomez interviewed by Wonderland Magazine

Selena Gomez interviewed by Wonderland Magazine

Selena Gomez interviewed by Wonderland Magazine

Selena Gomez interviewed by Wonderland Magazine

Selena is on the cover of the 10th anniversary of Wonderland Magazine. The singer and actress sat down for an interviewed with Petra Collins.

And you can read below what was said:

Petra: It was really fun to shoot with you! It was special because we’re both the same age, but we do totally different things. You are so malleable. I mean, for someone of his magnitude, it is so refreshing to see this …

Selena: You’re so sweet! I love going to the world of another person, I respect you and all the things you did – it’s insane. I wish you had the opportunity to photograph me different from how I’ve been before, which I think is exactly what we did. I love going to the world of someone and collaborate with them …

Petra: A very crazy thing happened a few weeks ago when I was returning from LA … my Spotify stopped working, so I just had time to buy a song on iTunes before my wifi off and the plane took off. I bought “Good For You” and heard throughout the plane ride. If I really like a song, I hear more and more. I’m really excited for his new album and I think everyone is. Tell us about the process of making it and how long it took to do it.

Selena: It is a very particular album, especially because it is a new chapter for me. It is under a new label and is the first time I am taking the reins and really getting behind each person I’m working with. Honestly, it’s the first time someone said, ‘So what do you want to do?’ And I literally had no idea what I wanted to do because I had no one to guide me … I was not asking for help to Disney, He was not asking for help to anyone. It would just be me, and at this point, there were so many people talking about my life. It was very rapist and I think it was as an outlet for me to talk about how I see things. Just about relationships, friendships, how people treat people. Once I realized everyone will say something about me, I wanted the opportunity to actually sit down and figure out what I’m going to say and how I’m going to say this so that people can understand me. It took about a year, in total, to figure it out. Obviously, it’s exciting, beautiful and I can not wait [so people can hear it]. It will be my ressurreiĆ§Ć£o- is why I titled: Revival.

Petra: I feel it is especially important that you be able to get your voice because you grew up in the spotlight. It’s a crazy thing, where everyone is telling their story. You’re a woman now and you can make your own sound.

Selena: Since “Good For You” became the first single, I got the number of A $ AP Rocky and said, “Hey, I’m a big fan” I love you !. “I’d love you to hear the music,” and he was like, “I think it’s awesome, but I can change some things?” I said, “Of course, do what you want.” And within two days, he sent me the version that we released the radio.

Petra: I was impressed that you decided to make it the first single. Everyone usually releases the most radio-friendly song as flagship. But it has that specific vibe, like you’re putting this as a teaser to the heart of the album.

Selena: That’s exactly the idea! I’m smiling, it makes me very happy, because this is exactly what I wanted. I had a very difficult time [to decide what would be the] first single, because we were going to release something more lively. I finally decided “Good For You” will be the single, because it is not in anyone’s face and is not forcing anything.

Petra: What I find most interesting is that the last two years, social media has become a big part of our lives. You use Instagram and Twitter as an outlet to connect with their fans. I think for me and other girls too, sometimes it’s hard because people see it as a forum to discuss anything about you and your body. What social media mean to you at this time in your life?

Selena: For me, I do not post every day unless I’m really excited about something, and then, usually I’m annoying about it. I will not say I never read the reviews, they are there when you place a photo. It’s just one of those places where you have to understand that it’s not real life. I’m so glad that my fans can see my perspective of the world. Which is amazing because I get to share funny pictures or what I’m eating or where I am. That is the truth. The problem is that people are looking at all these pages and then they are thinking less of themselves. They feel like they needed to be exactly what these people are posting … all for what? A follower or tanned? Literally, to a red heart on a screen. Obviously, I have guilt about it, I will not say that I had times when this happened to me. But I had to realize that the real world was exactly where I need to be or else I will lose my head. You can do wonderful things with social media, but you can also put the screen down and enjoy the people and talk about things. Sometimes I have to turn on the news – just to remind myself that there are things happening in the world that do not relate to what that person is wearing just. It’s all about your perspective. If anything, I would just encourage my fans and my girls to have a healthy vision and just talking about it. I love Instagram, I look at it 1,500 times a day, so I’m not attacking him. I just know how obsessive and addictive it can be and that’s scary.

Petra: A Boston radio station asked him to evaluate. I found it disgusting! It just made me sad as women and female pop stars are treated, the focus is on your picture or your love life. How do you feel about the way the media presents pop stars like you and women like you?

Selena: I think sometimes it can be frustrating. I do not know: when the question arose for me, I know exactly what music is, I know what it is radio. I kind of said that they expected me to say. You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you do – I’ll be cool. They are doing their job and I will do my job. When they want to talk about real things, I go back to talking about real things.

Petra: Totally – and I’m glad you recognize this and play that game. It’s a lose-lose situation. Changing the subject a bit: you both acts and make music. What is the difference between being on stage or being on set. What are your favorite things about each?

Selena: One of the things I love about being in a set for 14 hours followers is this feeling when I finished the recordings of the day. It’s almost like an adrenaline rush when you get off the stage. And it requires much more than my brain … I’m being challenged by a co-star or being instigated by a director and there is this incredible adrenaline rush I got when I feel like I’ve done something great. Then I also have this feeling that if I do not do something the way I imagined I get very heavy with myself. The reason I love acting is that I can challenge myself. I’m in this place in my life where people just assume that I can achieve anything I want. But everything I did, I conquered. I feel like when I’m on set and I’m working with people who are challenging me intellectually, emotionally and physically. And with the music … I feel so free. When I’m on my own stage, I feel like I want to connect with the whole world. I want to talk about life, I want to talk about what a song means to me. I like to look at that person who is not dancing or not smiling and make them smile, that’s the best.

Petra: Is it important for you to do this and it’s so important to have a feminine inspiration is discovering too. When I hear “Good For You”, you would want to hear when I’m thinking about myself or trying to feel good about myself. I think it’s about feeling good about yourself before you try and come up with someone else, you know what I mean?

Selena: Well, that’s the idea. Of course, people are like, “Oh, you’re getting pretty for someone else” but the song begins with: “I’m in my 14 carats, I’m a 14 carats.” It’s basically telling me that I’m ‘a diamond . ‘ I can not explain it, but it’s a romantic, beautiful and sensual feeling. I love the feeling of being a woman, I think it’s something that we have is amazing. Anytime make you feel sexy: in the video, I was in a white shirt with my wet hair and I think it makes me feel beautiful.

Petra: Yes, exactly. If you feel good about yourself and have positive energy, you can win and do what you want. I feel like that’s what you’re doing now, which is really exciting. So finally, I put a lot of silly questions together – I always find them interesting. What is your favorite old movie?

Selena: The Wizard of Oz. I just remember the first song I learned to sing was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. I was by the fire and sang to my family.

Petra: Whose career do you admire? Difficult question.

Selena: I admire Meryl Streep – not only for the longevity of his career, but also how it constantly reinvents itself.

Petra: Finally: what is your favorite music – a sad song and a happy song?

Selena: “You Should Be Stronger Than Me” Amy Winehouse for sure, and then a happy song … I do not know anything, ’70s I really do not know much about it, but I feel like I grew up wanting to be Penny Lane. I just love it.




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